Brazil : Cerrado (medium roasted)

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recommended for : milk based coffee like Cappuccino or Latte (hot and cold)
origin : Cerrado
Varietal : yellow Bourbon
Fermentation : non
Process : natural
Flavor :  Peanut butter, roasted Hazelnut, 60% Cacao  

about this coffee :
Brazil is by far the world’s largest coffee producer, about one-third of all of the world’s coffee is grown in Brazil. Generally
the majority of coffee grown in Brazil is common low-altitude. However, Brazil also produces some unique flavor coffee
especially a really good Dry-processed or Pulped-Natural Brazil that produce more crema and body, adding sweetness
and providing a great backdrop for the feature coffees like what we have for you here with its well known nutty and earthy
tone flavor so we roasted them a little more developed to be well used for iced coffee.

235g bag
1kg bag

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