Panama : Boquete (light roasted)

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recommended for : short milk based coffee like Macchiato or Cortado, Espresso
origin : Boquete
Varietal : Typica
Fermentation : open air fermentation
Process : washed
Flavor :  Apricot, Raw honey, White flower

about this coffee :
We have many good relationship with coffee farms in Boquete and Volcán area, and this Typica Panama just give you what
make panama coffee famous in specialty coffee world : the clean and bright acidity along with stonefruit flavor with hint of
white flower so we roasted them a little quicker with higher heat for develope time than normal to keep their aroma and origin
charactor, a little past filter roasted but nothing wrong if you would like to do filter coffee from this coffee.

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1kg bag 46 item(s)

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