Ethiopia : Guji (light roasted)

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recommended for : Espresso & Filter coffee
origin : Guji
Varietal : local heirloom
Fermentation : anaerobic fermentation
Process : natural
Flavor :  dry Strawberry,  Acacia honey,  Mandarin orange

about this coffee :
Ethiopia, widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee, produces some of the most exceptional and dramatic coffees found
anywhere in the world. Our Ethiopian coffee are from our favourite Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, we love unique Strawberry flavor from
their natural process and some Anaerobic fermentation which highlights the delicate, floral notes for which the country’s coffee is
known. Exceptional as they are we carefully roasted to keep orginal aroma and flavor as much as we can while shorten develope
time to keep sugar inside the bean to enhance sweetness that go along very well with their beautiful flavor as Espresso and filter coffee.

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1kg bag 46 item(s)

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