Thailand : Chiang Mai (medium roasted)

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recommended for : milk based coffee like Cappuccino or Latte
origin : Chiang Mai
Varietal : mixed of Catimor & caturra
Fermentation : non
Process : washed
Flavor :  Caramel, roasted Hazelnut, 70% Cacao  

about this coffee :
Thailand is where our roast8ry established has the potential to produce great coffee. In recent years, Thai coffee has been
rising in popularity, thank to good atmosphere for growing Arabica coffee we have in northern Thailand. We have high quality
Caturra with good body along with pleasant flavor of caramel and nutty which is very suitable for good cup of milk-base
coffee so we compliment those flavor with little higher heat not only to lower acidity and highlighten those original flavor
but also get better body so coffee flavor still be shined when mixed with milk.

235g bag 42 item(s)
1kg bag 49 item(s)

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