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this coffee learning set is for everyone who likes to drink or make coffee and would like to understand more about coffee. The main purpose
for the coffee learning set is to share our knowledge and experience that our team have collected all those years with specific chosen
one main topic to learn each time with 3 best coffee to showcase and to be understand about that topic.
Inside the box are 3 bottles of different coffee for each learning topic and our brewing book that briefly shown how to brew, how to drink,
and how to taste along with some basic knowledge that you can learn while drinking. The detail of each set are as below :

- Roast8ry set : 3 of our blend specially for 1st time buying our coffee or coffee learner
  chosen and roasted for 3 methods of making coffee ( Filter / Espresso / milk coffee )

Roast8ry set 48 item(s)

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