Roast8ry blend : for filter coffee (light/medium roasted)

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recommended for : Filter coffee
origin : Panama & Ethiopia
Varietal : heirloom & typica
Fermentation : anaerobic
Process : natural
Flavor :  Strawberry, Lychee, White flower lemon tea

about this coffee :
Our lateset blend with focus on flavor side that will show their best potential in filter coffee. Anaerobic Ethiopian coffee will give main flavor
of fruity remind you of Strawberry and bright acidity that when combined with white flower aroma from Panama coffee will remind you of White
flower lemon tea. While hint of nectarine flavor from Panama coffee will developed the new flavor of lychee giving the complexity to this blend.
Again for filter coffee we will use quick roasted to enhance sweetness and keep their orginal flavor inside the beans as much as possible.

235g bag 80 item(s)
1kg bag 71 item(s)

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