Ristretto blend : for Espresso (medium roasted)

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recommended for : Espresso, short milk based coffee
origin : Papua new guinea & Ethiopia
Varietal : blue mountain & Heirloom
Fermentation : non
Process : washed & natural
Flavor :  Blackberry, caramel Hazelnut, 50% orange cacao

about this coffee :
Our original award winning Ristr8to blend created with Asian and African coffee has perfect balance between acidity, sweetness,
and body for espresso. Orange and strawberry flavor from Ethiopian coffee combined with earthy foundation of Papua new Guinean
coffee creating very complex tone with round compliment flavor. Our medium roasting cut some overwhelming acidity while giving
the blend full body to produce a smoothe rich cup You can enjoy it on Espresso or with small amount of milk in our 4oz cup like the
way we love.

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1kg bag 43 item(s)

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