Blvck hand blend : for milk/cold coffee (medium/dark roasted)

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recommended for : milk based coffee
origin : Thai & Colombia
Varietal : catimor, caturra & typica
Fermentation : non
Process : washed
Flavor :  80% dark Cacao, roasted Hazelnut, Sugarcane

about this coffee :
This blend based on Thai coffee from coffee farms in Chiang Mai. Our goal is to support farmers and environment along with creating the
best blend for milk base coffee like Cappuccino or Latte, based on their coffee so we aim to achieve flavor of milk coffee that most people
would love. This blend has a very caramel like and roasted hazelnut tone from Thai coffee, complete by dark chocolate and butter sweetness
with slightly low berry tone finish from Colombian coffee, while our medium roasted giving this blend low acidity and full body.

235g bag 38 item(s)
1kg bag 28 item(s)

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