Decaf. blend (medium roasted)

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recommended for : all non-caffeine coffee
origin : Colombia
Varietal : typica
Fermentation : non
Process :  swiss water process decaffeinated washed
Flavor :  Vanilla butter, caramel Walnut, Sugarcane

about this coffee :
Using water from the mountain coasts of British Colombia to gently remove the caffeine until coffee beans are almost caffeine free.
No chemicals are used in the entire process help us maintaining some of the bean distinctive origin flavors. This blend is for people who
love the coffee flavor but cannot take caffeine. We roasted them just below 2nd crack with longer develope time to get well balance taste
with round and medium body so we are able to use them either for hot or cold coffee.

235g bag 97 item(s)
1kg bag 99 item(s)

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