Gesha Costa rica : World 6th place WCIGS2019

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Award winning : 2019 World coffee in good spirits : 6th place
recommended for : filter coffee and Espresso
origin : Alejo farm, Volcan Azul
Varietal : Gesha
Fermentation : anaerobic
Process : natural
Flavor :  Passion fruit, White flower, Fig & black tea

about this coffee :
The growing of specialty coffee farms in Costa Rica leaded to increasing numbers of Gesha and Anaerobic fermentation which for us
those highest quality Costa Rica coffee is among one of the best in the world alongside with Panama, Ethiopia, and Colombia.
That is why we have built good relationship with some local farms included the Volcan Azul which we would love to represent here,
as we used this coffee to win 6th place in the World coffee in good spirits championship 2019. The Gesha varietal give the distinctive
white flower aroma while the fermentation hightlight the fruit aroma and acidity that will remind you of passionfruit, and our roasting
just giving silky taxture, light to medium body, and finish of black tea.

200g set box with brewing book 41 item(s)

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